How to BOOK IT!

To book a video consultation, with one of our vets, please follow the procedure below:

    1. Give us a ring or email, specifying your name, surname, name of the pet for which you request the video consultation. Also specify any preferential time slots to be contacted and if there are dates on which it is not possible to fix the appointment.
    2. The payment of the video consultation can be made: online through the button that you find below, or by calling us on the number 01953 600066. If you choose online payment, please remember to enter your name, surname in the description box and the name of your pet. Following the indication below: [Name Surname - Pet name].
    3. The cost is only £27,00 — 25% OFF.
    4. We will call you to book a suitable appointment by Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp
    5. The Vet will call you at the scheduled time


If you are unable to reach our clinic, you can request a remote veterinary visit using the internet and a device that has a video camera installed. Our medical staff is enabled to use the following remote video communication software/apps:

  • FACETIME (only for iOS devices)

We advise you to use your smartphone for video consultation, as the doctor may need to frame your pet from multiple slants; this operation could be difficult through the webcam of a laptop.