In the care of your pets, prevention and control are fundamental. Many aspects of their life must be continuously monitored to guarantee their maximum well-being.
At Rowan House Veterinary Clinic, our nursing staff are highly trained to take care of these routine checks. So you always have the health of your four-legged friends under control.
Below you will find the main nursing activities that our clinic offers.


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The Vet might have advised you to see one of our trained Veterinary Nurses to talk about your pet’s diet, eating habits and lifestyle. In particular, obesity can lead to several problems such as lethargy, arthritis, diabetes, pancreatitis and overall poor quality of life. We would like to keep your pet happy and help you achieve the best results with a safe diet that is designed for its unique energy requirement. Together we can work to improve your pets' long-term health and wellbeing.


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If your pet has undergone recent surgery, we will request that you book one or more post-op checks. This consultation can be carried out by one of our trained qualified Veterinary Nurses or a Vet. These consultations are very important to assess how your pet is doing at home after the surgery, check the wounds are healing correctly, check and/or remove the sutures, check you are succeeding in giving the medications and talk about what comes next and how to move forward. Sometimes during these consultations, this is where we may need to change a bandage, too. We would normally see your pet at least twice after surgery, but it might vary depending on the type of surgery.


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An appointment offered alongside 1st vaccinations which is packed full of information to help you look after your new puppy or kitten for complete peace of mind. It provides you with the opportunity to ask any questions you wish, from diets to socialization, to flea/worming treatment and insurance etc, our qualified Nurses will be happy to help.


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Cats and dogs can start building up plaque and tartar as early as 1 years of age. As for humans, having your teeth checked regularly is very important to avoid periodontal disease that could cause cavities, pain and other serious health conditions. Our experienced veterinary nurses are trained in dental care and they can advise and demonstrate the best way to keep your pet’s teeth white and healthy for longer. “Early intervention can save you money and will save your pet its teeth”


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There is no denying that getting old isn’t very nice! Can we tell you how our cats or dogs feel about it? Is it normal for pets to sleep more in the older age? Is it normal for them to slow down when going for a walk? A thorough examination might reveal that those behaviours aren’t “normal”, but your ageing cat or dog is likely to have arthritis and be in pain, hence reluctant to move or jump. Cats hide pain by sleeping longer.

Our senior clinics are available for cats 11years of age and over, and dogs 9years of age and over (7 years for giant breeds). We’ll give your pet a comprehensive check-up and discuss their habits and behaviours at home. Often seemingly small changes can be early warning signs of diseases so as often, early detection is essentia


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Our nurses are trained to administer 2nd vaccinations to puppies and kittens. During this consultation, the nurse will discuss with you the progress of your pet and any potential concerns. They will again examine your pet before administering the vaccination. We will answer any questions you may have and advise you on waiting periods before walking or socializing after vaccinations etc. Alongside this appointment, our nurses can also discuss puppy/kitten diets, microchipping, neutering, insurance and are available to offer any advice you might need.


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This appointment allows you to discuss the procedure with one of our qualified the nurses and offers the nurses once again the opportunity to do a full check overhead to tail on the kitten or puppy. We understand that many owners worry about the surgery and might have lots of questions before going through with it, so this appointment is designed to give you complete peace of mind. The nurse will also talk about the changes that will occur after the surgery, such as metabolism changes and the necessity to change their diets, exercise, flea and worming controls and so on.


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Diabetic care – Are you learning to live with your newly diagnosed diabetic pet? We know it is a worry and injecting every day can be daunting. At our diabetic clinics, we will train and support you on how to inject your pet with insulin and how to take samples for blood sugar levels. We will also talk about diets and exercise to help your pet recover as quickly as possible.

We’ll also teach you how to monitor your pet and manage their condition, as well as how to recognise the warning signs when something is wrong.

You are not alone. We will do it together.


Complimentary Service

Is your dog scooting their bottom on the floor?
Is your pet biting along the base of its tail?

If so then it could well be time to come and see our nurses.
Maybe You are keen You would to learn to express the anal glands from home?
Our nurses can support you and teach you on how to do this, or just do the job for you!

Expressing anal sacs regularly can prevent abscessation in dog s who are prone to such problem. The nurse can also go through the feeding habits and recommend adding fibre or other supplements to help with their natural emptying.


Complimentary Service

These clinics are designed for our more anxious patients. Sometimes coming to visit the vet can be incredibly stressful for some pets so we have designed these classes to give our nervous dogs some positive experience. No needles and no examination with dreadful otoscopes, just a session of pampering cuddles and treats. Sounds good to me!


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You have been given medications, but you are struggling to give them at home? Don’t worry, our nurses can administer medications and treatments for you. We also offer nursing consultations for allergy injections or administration of flea and worming treatments or anything else you find difficult to do at home.


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It is a legal requirement that all pets are seen at least annually to be dispensed prescription flea and worming treatments. Our trained nurses offer free flea and worming consultations to provide this health assessment. During the consultation, our nurse will weigh your pet, and give it a thorough physical examination. We can even administer the treatment if you prefer.


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We save you the stress! We know, it isn’t easy. Dog’s claws can come in different shapes and sizes and when they are black recognising where to cut them can be difficult. Many dogs also don’t like being touched the paws and cutting them at home can be even more difficult.

As cats age, they get less active and they tend not to wear their claws down as much, also they lose the ability to retract them and claws can grow longer.

Our very friendly and experienced nurses are happy to clip the claws and if you prefer, also show you how to do it safely at home.


Complimentary Service

Some pets have heart or kidney conditions and need regular blood pressure monitoring. Our qualified nurses can provide a regular monitoring service those pets who need or those on blood pressure medications.